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Stroke Program

                       Stroke Program

Western Medical Center Santa Ana has recently received designation as an Orange County Emergency Services-Stroke Neurology Receiving Center (SNRC). There are currently six hospitals in Orange County with this designation with more to be included in the county of Orange. As a designated SNRC, our stroke program follows the National Standards and Guidelines as set forth by the American Stroke Association, American Heart Association and the Brain Attack Coalition. These standards can significantly improve outcomes for stroke patients and improve the overall quality of care.

Our stroke team consists of experienced physician specialists which includes neurointerventional radiologists, neurosurgeons and vascular surgeons who employ evidence-based expertise in diagnosis, immediate intervention, management and rehabilitation. We are dedicated to establishing a higher standard of medical care for individuals affected with stroke.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to improving the recovery rates for our stroke patients through rapid response, team approach, a standardized plan of care, family support, rehabilitation and an on-going educational effort about stroke. Upon admission, patients and family members receive a stroke education booklet and the patient is taken from admission process through discharge to ensure that the needs of the patients are being met.

As part of our stroke program, Western Medical Center Santa Ana has teamed up with the Roxanna Todd-Hodges Foundation by offering free stroke awareness seminars to the community at the hospital and/or local senior centers with an emphasis on preventative education. Included in these seminars is a monthly risk factors screening. To register for the classes please call 1.888.794.9466.

For more information regarding the Stroke Progam at Western Medical Center Santa Ana please contact us at 714.953.3500.